StudioEIS provides design and extensive 3-dimensional production capability.  We work at any scale and include design services as part of the visualization process for sculpture, museum figures and object-making.

We draw, model three-dimensionally and use state of the art computer visualization as part of the essential process to develop our projects. Digital scanning, enlarging and outputting are just part of StudioEIS’ tool kit used to realize many of its project designs.

The Studio has been the leader in the design and production of museum figures, with an increasingly varied range of projects being produced for Architects, Interior & Restaurant Designers, Corporations, and Retail & Entertainment clients worldwide.

With design and production in subject areas ranging from history and anthropology, natural history and the physical sciences, to cultural, sports, social, and corporate history, StudioEIS’ projects can be found in museums throughout the country.

StudioEIS is extremely well known for its public works in bronze, including sculptures of pop and sports icons to renowned individuals such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. The studio has now produced more historical sculptures than any studio in the history of the United States, making this work part of our cultural history and the public record.


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