Message from the President

It is a new year and a new role for me in ISHA!  I first would like to thank Bryan Morry for his outstanding leadership in the role of President of ISHA.  As we continue to navigate the COVID environment I look at our ISHA community as a guidance and support system for like minded halls and museums.  

A few of my goals during my tenure are to ensure that we offer pertinent information and training to all members.  There is strength in numbers, and it is always a benefit to talk with fellow members about the challenges and successes of our organizations.  The ISHA website provides a great list of white pages for member organizations to utilize and an opportunity to share their own documents.  Also, you can request additional information or ask a question to fellow members through the listserv. 

My second goal is to make sure that we know our members and that we enjoy our time together as we celebrate and promote sports heritage.  I think you will find a great outreach of communication this year from the organization and through your board buddies.

My third goal is to maintain and increase our membership base.  It is important to retain our current members through renewal and look for other organizations as potential members.   

My final goal is for our time together to be fun.  I have been fortunate to build great friendships , allies, and resources in my time with ISHA.  It has been an experience well worth the cost of the membership not only for me, but for my organization.  

I am always a phone call or email away and look forward to getting to know many of you in the coming year and growing our organization.

Dana Hart

ISHA President

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