Hosting an ISHA Conference

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals MUST be filled out via Google Forms

A copy of the following proposal information can be downloaded – ISHA Conference Host RFP

Proposals to host the 2025 ISHA Conference are due no later than Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Applications for future years can also be submitted through the same form and will be considered

Proposals will be reviewed by the ISHA Board of Directors.

ISHA operates the annual conference with a schedule including

  • A pre-conference event
  • Eight (8) to ten (10) educational/informational sessions
  • Two (2) lunches
  • Two (2) evening events
  • A minimum of two (2) guest speakers
  • A minimum of one (1) keynote speaker
  • A minimum of two (2) nights of hospitality suite

Proposals must include the following information

  • Applicant institution
    • Including main institutional contact(s) and contact information.
      • Institutional contact(s) must serve on ISHA Conference Committee and attend monthly meetings.
    • Two (2) sets of potential hosting dates
      • Proposals can be submitted for conference dates within the next five (5) years.
      • Conference is hosted over the course of 2-3 days.
    • Travel accessibility to the host hotel/venue
      • Primarily focusing on North American attendees.
      • Including local airports(s) and transportation options.
    • A minimum of two (2) local hotel accommodation options
      • Including projected room rates, consideration for the hospitality suite, and distance from the host institution or conference venue.
    • Location/venue option(s) for the following, including rental fees:
      • Board/committee meetings
      • Registration table
      • Conference sessions
      • Exhibitor/vendor trade show
      • Reception
      • An Evening of Champions banquet
    • Projected A/V costs – projection screen, laptop, wifi, etc.
    • Catering options and menus for necessary food and beverage
      • Consider whether or not there is a F&B minimum for host venue
    • Pre-conference trip options
      • Consider area attractions or unique experiences
    • Potential educational session topics or presenters
    • Potential luncheon guest speakers and Evening of Champions keynote speaker
    • Considerations for local sponsorship opportunities

ISHA is responsible for:

  • Scheduling monthly Conference Committee meetings to plan the event.
  • Preparing and maintaining the ISHA Conference budget with the assistance of the ISHA Treasurer.
  • Paying all authorized invoices associated with the conference.
  • Maintaining digital files and shared drive access for conference information.
  • The creation and updates of the following documentation:
    • Conference schedule
    • Conference website and online registration form
    • Sponsorship levels
    • Digital conference brochure
    • Digital and printed signage – welcome, event, sponsorship, directional, etc.
  • Receiving and processing the following:
    • All registration and fees
    • Exhibitor trade/show booth reservations
    • Sponsorship
  • Managing promotion and marketing for the conference

In appreciation of hosting the conference, the host institution receives:

  • Two (2) individual conference registrations (non-transferable)
  • One (1) table for 8 people at An Evening of Champions
  • Selecting a recipient for the Legacy Award (offered to a local person of influence or importance to the host institution)

Potential applicants are encouraged to reach out to the ISHA office for questions regarding their proposal by contacting Executive Director Shane Mailman at [email protected]


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