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This month’s ISHA Hot Topic will focus on how a Sports Hall of Fame can broaden its appeal, attract visitors, and add value to their area and community.

Creating interest to attract visitors to your sports venue is critically important.  Particularly if you are not a nationally recognized sports entity.

In the summer of 2021, the Mason County Sports Hall of Fame took major rebranding efforts to broaden their appeal to their community, and seasonal tourist, with a $140,000.00 renovation of their area Hall of Fame by redirecting their emphasis to reflect “Beyond the Game:  The Value of Sports!”.

Their Vision statement of “Recognize outstanding athletes & contributors.  Share memories, preserve legacies, instill life lessons, and add value to the community in unique ways”, is presented in their completely renovated facility.

The focus of honoring athletes, and preserving legacy is centered around the importance sports play in establishing the foundation for a satisfying life, and the life lessons learned from athletic participation.

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