Dimensional Innovations was pleased to work with Iowa State Athletics on their new Hall of Fame, unveiled in September of 2015. The Hall of Fame lives in the Jacobson Athletic Building – a facility which houses ISU Coaches offices as well as the entire Athletic Department. It also sits directly North of the Jack Trice Stadium, providing fans easy access to the Hall of Fame, particularly on game days.

While in the space, fans will immediately notice the cyclone structure embedded into the main wall, featuring plaques for all 142 Hall of Fame inductees.  If fans want a deeper-dive into the inductees, they can do so on the large touchscreen monitor, which contains bios, photos and video of ISU Athletes. The space also houses Championship trophies, ISU Olympian information, and much more insight into the past 120 years of Iowa State Cyclone Athletics.

Link to video profile – ISU Hall of Fame


The IWBC has been offered and ageed to accept 2 buildings across the street from the home of the Rockford Peaches, Beyer Stadium. We are launching a capital campaign in order to raise money for rennovation. Please consider going to our website http://internationalwomensbaseballcenter.org to contribute to this exciting project. If we can raise the money, the buildings will house the international headquarters of the IWBC, an educational, training and museum facilities for girls ans women’s baseball and room for clinics. Make 2016 the year you STEP UP TO THE SPORT!

The 45th annual International Sports Heritage Association conference, hosted by the Little League Museum in Williamsport, Pa., received positive reviews after three days of education sessions, networking and an impressive list of speakers.

Mike Mussina

Mike Mussina

Former Orioles and Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina impressed ISHA delegates during a lunchtime question & answer session. The 18-year Major Leaguer had fun with the audience, engaged in one-on-one dialogue and kept things light by joking with the questioners.

Dr. Story Musgrave

Dr. Story Musgrave

Evening of Champions featured speaker Dr. Story Musgrave, a Little League Hall of Excellence member, shared his story about how he went from a non-high school graduate to a NASA astronaut, grandfather, surgeon and multiple advanced degree holder through a life pursuing his dreams with energy and passion.

imageThe Farewell Luncheon speaker was former Cumberland, R.I., Little League coach Dave Belisle, who earned national acclaim during the 2014 Little League World Series through his inspirational speeches to his players. Belisle’s wife was battling cancer throughout his team’s run to Williamsport and he and his players built a special bond that was evident during the tournament.

Networking is always an important component of the conference and that remained the case in Williamsport. The conference committee even dedicated a session to networking by having delegates spend five-minute segments with a different colleagues for the hour-long session.

The session dedicated to education, which included appealing to different audiences both within and outside of one’s institution received positive reviews. The welcome reception aboard a river boat was also a popular event.

In a conference survey, many attendees responded that they continue to be interested in marketing strategies and technology. The 2016 ISHA Conference will be held at the Canada Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary.





Check out a selection of photos taken at the Evening of Champions Dinner at the 45th annual ISHA Conference.
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