Evening of Champions photo gallery





Check out a selection of photos taken at the Evening of Champions Dinner at the 45th annual ISHA Conference.
ISHA_2015_068 ISHA_2015_069 ISHA_2015_067 ISHA_2015_065 ISHA_2015_064 ISHA_2015_062 ISHA_2015_060 ISHA_2015_058 ISHA_2015_057 ISHA_2015_056 ISHA_2015_051 ISHA_2015_048 ISHA_2015_044 ISHA_2015_042 ISHA_2015_039 ISHA_2015_038 ISHA_2015_036 ISHA_2015_034 ISHA_2015_033 ISHA_2015_032 ISHA_2015_031 ISHA_2015_030 ISHA_2015_029 ISHA_2015_028 ISHA_2015_027 ISHA_2015_025 ISHA_2015_024 ISHA_2015_023 ISHA_2015_022 ISHA_2015_021 ISHA_2015_020 ISHA_2015_018 ISHA_2015_016 ISHA_2015_014 ISHA_2015_012 ISHA_2015_010 ISHA_2015_009 ISHA_2015_008 ISHA_2015_007 ISHA_2015_006 ISHA_2015_004

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