ISHA supports its members by offering grants in two different categories each year. Established by the Board of Directors, and supported by the ISHA Founders Fund, the Special Projects Grant and the Conference Grant are open to applications from ISHA regular (not-for-profit) member institutions. Applications are posted to this page when available.

Special Projects Grant:

The Special Projects Grant provides financial assistance up to $2,000 that supports museum activities intended to address one of the following priorities within an ISHA member institution:

  • Increase collection capacity
  • Increase public access
  • Improve documentation
  • Increase awareness
  • Improve preservation
  • Increase interpretation


  • The grant is open to all ISHA regular (not-for-profit) institutional members of ISHA.
  • Preference will be given to those in the most financial need.
  • This grant is envisioned to support projects between $500 and $2,000. However, projects with larger budgets where the ISHA grant of $2,000 would provide significant support will be considered.
  • Necessary equipment is an eligible expense. Funds may not be used for deficits/debt retirement, purchase of artifacts or ongoing operations.
  • Applicants may receive a maximum of one (1) Special Project Grant within a five (5) year period.
  • A grant will be awarded only once for any specific topic within an organization.

Click here for 2020 application.

Conference Grant

The International Sports Heritage Association (ISHA) offers an Annual Conference Grant program, supported through its Founders Fund, to provide financial assistance to member institutions to attend the annual ISHA conference.

For 2019, ISHA will potentially award two grants of up to $1,000 each to assist representatives from a regular member institution(s) (not for profit) attend the ISHA Conference in Wichita, Kansas. Additionally, two (2) conference registration-only grants will be awarded, which will waive conference registration fee(s).


  • The grant is open to paid employees working in an ISHA Member organization in a full or part-time capacity.
  • It is also open to volunteers of an ISHA Member organization who contribute their time and service on a consistent basis to said organization.
  • Either the applicant or the sponsoring organization must have a valid ISHA membership.
  • Applicants may receive a maximum of one (1) ISHA Annual Conference Grant within a five-(5) year period.
  • Applicants living outside the host country will need a passport.

The 2020 ISHA conference was postponed. ISHA will offer a conference grant(s) in 2021.


Founders Fund

The ISHA Founders Fund was established to support long-term initiatives in sports heritage by a select group of individuals who cared deeply for the legacy of sport on the world stage. The Fund now supports annual grant initiatives to assist conference attendance and to aid in the implementation of a special project by ISHA member organizations. In order to meet the long-term obligations of this Fund, a Founders’ Fund Committee works to raise money through an annual gift program, silent auction held at the annual conference, and through a reverse raffle. All revenue raised through these avenues directly impacts ISHA’s ability to support worthy projects that promote sports heritage and fund other initiatives important to all of our member institutions and the entire sports heritage industry. To support this important fund or for more information, please contact Shane Mailman by email at [email protected] Donations by check please mail to Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, 700 Hall of Fame Drive, Knoxville, TN 37915.