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As 1220 Exhibits celebrates our 50th year in business, we honor our long relationships in the Sports Hall of Fame community and are humbled by the trust that so many collegiate and professional organizations continue to place in our team. These collaborations with talented designers and architects have challenged us continually push towards new solutions and methods and to develop in-house expertise that few can claim. Complementing our foundations in casework, graphics, and artifact mount design/install, we have reacted to the needs of today’s visitors by incorporating scenic artistry, as well as full A/V and interactivity, into our offerings. These integrated capabilities allow us to provide a turnkey, single point of responsibility for your projects.


A few of 1220’s notable sports history projects include: The USGA’s Arnold Palmer Center for Golf History and Nicklaus Room, New York Mets Hall of Fame, the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Lamar Hunt Superbowl Gallery and NFL’s First Century, the University of Kansas’ Basketball and Football Halls of Fame, and the University of North Carolina’s Basketball and Football Halls of Fame.


1220 is proud of our long involvement in the ISHA community and maintains our commitment to being a resource and advisor to its fellow members. From the vision stage of your journey, or anywhere along the path, we stand ready to support your success.


Please visit us at www.1220.com to learn more about our capabilities and how you can collaborate with our experts to bring your heritage to life.


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