Healykohler Design

HealyKohler Design is a multi-disciplinary design firm, creating visitor experiences that secure an institution’s rich heritage, honors the athletes and sports community, and provide a unique and enjoyable experience for the visitor.  HealyKohler Design has a history of collaboration with institutions as well as leading creative teams that will deliver a successful project that meets all the program and education goals.

The firm creates a dynamic multi-layered visitor experience that integrates collections, immersive environments, media and interactive technologies, and interpretive graphics.   This allows the visitor to be a participant within the exhibition and interact with the story based on their level of knowledge and interest.

The Principals of HealyKohler Design have over twenty years’ experience in museum planning and exhibition design, facilities branding and signage systems, and education programming development.  Terence Healy has designed and developed innovative sports exhibitions for National and State Museums, Collegiate Halls of Fame and Recruitment Centers, and Sports Facilities.


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