We deliver both software and comprehensive services that empower you to create, utilize, and draw value from your historical collections. Our philosophy is to strategize, digitize, and share.

Wherever you are, we start first with strategy. What have you done to date? What do you want to create? What are your potential audiences? What technologies and software are you utilizing? What is your capacity to develop and sustain a robust digital presence? Answering these questions will help us build strategies that allow you reach your intended audiences – both internal and public – and identify sources for project funding.

Digitization involves far more than scanning. Your strategic plan must consider the underlying discoverability of your collections. How will you connect the content in your collections to the audiences you wish to engage? HistoryIT will work with you to digitize your materials, or work with already digitized materials, to develop the necessary metadata and cross references that will bring your collections to a whole new level of importance, accessibility, and searchability. We can bolster your capacity with our skilled metadata teams and advanced software solution, allowing you to host very large collections in a very short time period.

Once we ingest your digital collections on our cutting edge digital platform environment, you are able to connect the content within your collections to your intended audiences. This might be an entirely – or partially – restricted collection, or fully public and Google friendly. Once your materials are available to those who would benefit from finding them, we continue to help you find value. We will design innovative and dynamic ways for digital historical materials to be shared with a far more expansive and diverse audience than ever before, whether through interactive online or on-site experiences or through social media plans.


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