Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum

The Hockey Hall of Fame was founded in 1943 to establish a memorial to those who have developed Canada’s great winter sport — ice hockey. Incorporated in 1983, Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum (“HHFM”) exists in order to honour and preserve the history of the game of ice hockey, and in particular, those who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the development of the game.

HHFM will collect, preserve, research, exhibit and promote all those objects, images and histories which are determined to be significant to the story of ice hockey in Canada, and throughout the world.

HHFM is the owner and operator of the Hockey Hall of Fame, a museum and place of entertainment offering interactive, audio-visual, multimedia and traditional presentations and exhibits from its premises in BCE Place, Toronto, Ontario. HHFM continually introduces exciting new features designed to entertain and educate the public while stimulating a constant flow of repeat visits.

HHFM works with members of the Canadian and international hockey community to ensure that those players, builders and officials who have made significant contributions and achievements in the game are honoured and memorialized through their election into Honoured Membership. HHFM also works with the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association and NHL Broadcasters’ Association to recognize distinguished individuals from the print and broadcast media professions.

HHFM collects and preserves objects and images connected with the game of hockey as it is played in Canada and throughout the world.


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