Trapshooting Hall of Fame and Museum

Located on the Amateur Trapshooting Association’s home grounds (the governing body of registered trapshooting), the Trapshooting Hall of Fame and Museum was founded in 1968 and officially
opened in 1969 . . .to honor the greats, preserve its artifacts and history, and perpetuate the sport.

An extensive library and resource center, artifacts and personal memorabilia exhibits, and the enshrinee hall are all maintained through the generous support of the friends of trapshooting.

As of August 2010, 126 men and 28 women will have been inducted into the Trapshooting Hall of Fame. College scholarships have been awarded annually since the Hall of Fame’s founding.

Among the more than 4,000 donated artifacts and library references, are enshrinee guns (including one owned by the late John Philip Sousa, an ardent trapshooting participant), varieties of shells, targets, traps and associated paraphernalia depicting the evolution of the sport from the late 1800s to date. Enshrinees’ major trophies earned, and jewelry and medals are exhibited along with their favorite shooting attire and other equipment of the period. Video tapes portray some of the enshrinees in action. The Museum is devoted solely to the sport of trapshooting.


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