1220 Updates LSU and Baylor

With over 30 projects completed at universities across the nation, exhibit fabrication firm 1220 Exhibits has found a niche in higher education, fabricating halls of fame and activating brands throughout campus. Most recently, 1220 completed updates to the Wally Pontiff Jr. Hall of Fame for Louisiana State University’s baseball team, fabricating two display cases showcasing jerseys of the most recent former Tigers making headlines in Major League Baseball. The 2008 SEC Championship trophy was replaced with the 2013 SEC Championship trophy, a 2014 plaque was added to the History wall along with an NCAA plaque to the Tiger Tradition case. 1220 fabricated exhibits for the Hall of Fame’s opening in 2013 has become a long-term partner, providing updates in 2014 and 2015.

In addition to creating the opening exhibits for the Highers Athletic Complex at Baylor University in 2008, 1220 has been a trusted resource to provide yearly updates and additions to the exhibitions with the 2015 updates including adding recent bowl victories, academic All Americans and installing All America plaques.

With over 100,000 square feet of production facility in Nashville, TN, 1220 provides breakthrough solutions for the fabrication and installation of exhibits, events and experiences. Past clients range from history museums and nature centers, to sports and music halls of fame. For more information on how 1220 can make your vision a reality, contact (615) 333-1220 or visit www.1220.com.

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