Curling Canada ISHA Grant Report

December 11, 2019

Janice L. Ogurcak
Secretary, ISHA Board of Directors
Chair, ISHA Grant Committee

Dear Janice,

Thank you for selecting our organization to receive a registration grant for the
2019 ISHA conference in Wichita. As per all of the ISHA conferences we have
attended over the years, these are days we look forward to as staff with Curling

Our organization does not have a bricks & mortar Hall of Fame or Museum, nor
is there any potential in the future. But we have moved our strategic planning
forward to ultimately create a mobile, digital and augmented reality experience
for our fan base and new fans at our events. And we have gotten to this point
because of our attendance at the ISHA conference and the things we have
learned from the sessions and the networking with vendors and other museums.
The ISHA conference has offered invaluable information and contacts about the
digital world and its place in the Hall of Fame or Museum industry.

In particular:
• SESSION 2: Oh, What a World!: gave us valuable insight as to the
preservation of our collection which we are very guilty of not doing!

• SESSION 3: Wizard of Ease: we are currently investigating the experience
of personal information tools via mini speakers and/or augmented reality via
mobile phones.

• SESSION 4: If We Only Had a Library: our takeaway was to look at how we
get writers, story-tellers, historians access to our small collection of books.

• SESSION 5: A Roadmap to Oz: this information was passed on to our own
Foundation including booking a session this winter with Golf Canada to listen
to their successes.

• SESSION 6: From Now On: we have recently licensed a new merchandiser.
This session gave us perspective on what we need to do.

• SESSION 8: I’ll Get You, My Pretty: We are working hard in this area in our
demographic issues so the information and the role playing we did at the
conference were indeed valuable.

This winter, a group of Curling Canada staff will be in charge of implementation
of a new, updated plan mainly because of the resources we accessed via ISHA.

Sincerely, and thank you again,

Danny Lamoureux

Curling Canada
Director, Curling Club Development & Championship Services

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