HistoryIT helps Muhammed Ali Centre’s digital museum

The Ali Center transitioned their collections management software to HistoryIT’sOdyssey Preservation Software, which includes digital museum development capabilities. HistoryIT supported the transition with an updated metadata plan as well as migration services.  
The Ali Center has used Odyssey to fulfill the organization’s mission to preserve and share the legacy and ideals of Muhammad Ali by opening up its collections and offering online exhibits for the world to experience. Using features within the software, the Ali Center can easily provide access to unique and meaningful portions of their collections, including Pop Culture, Humanitarianism & Social Justice and Oral Histories.  
As they continue to digitally preserve their collections, the Ali Center uses Odyssey to manage those collections and regularly update their online exhibition to shed light on behind-the-scenes moments in Ali’s life. Their current exhibit, Training the Greatest: The Story of Ali and Dundee, shares the fascinating relationship between the Heavyweight Championship of the World and his trainer.  

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