June Hot Topic Session: Working with Photograph Collections

June 22 @ 2pm EST

Join us for this Hot Topic session with Associate Member Cary Smith on working with photograph Collections.

Working with sports collections, we have all come across photographs with no context. In most cases, they go back into storage to be forgotten until a patron requests them. However, what if we reexamine these mysterious unknown photographs with a focus on the small details? The small details can often provide new information that presents valuable leads. If we follow up on those leads with further research, we may unlock the story of the who, what where, and when of the photograph.

Using historical sports photographs, I will demonstrate how small details and proper research can enrich a photograph collection. First, we will look at some commonly overlooked details in photographs to find hidden secrets. Then, with the help of a few highlighted digital resources we will learn to interpret the new information. Finally, a few tips and techniques will be mentioned to aid in research that is photograph specific.

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