Dimensional Innovations partners with Minnesota Vikings to create the interactive “Vikings Voyage” fan experience at U.S. Bank Stadium

Minnesota Vikings fans can now experience the team’s past and present in a 10,000-square-foot interactive space inside the new U.S. Bank Stadium. Designed and fabricated by Dimensional Innovations, the Vikings Voyage provides fans with a dynamic experience that is free for fans of all ages.

“As an organization, we constantly look to innovate and provide the best fan experience possible, and our approach was no different with the addition of the Vikings Voyage,” said Vikings Owner/President Mark Wilf. “The Voyage brings fans together, allowing them to engage with their family and friends while celebrating Vikings history.”

Within the innovative space, fans will have the opportunity to participate in combine-themed events, including catching passes while wearing a virtual reality Vikings helmet, running a shuttle drill against a current Vikings player’s pace, and hitting a tackling sled that measures impact force. The space allows fans to track scores and compete against others at the various stations by wearing bracelets connected to the RFID system.

“We came to DI to help us develop how this could be a mix of your traditional hall of fame experience – something that’s got the artifacts and memorabilia, but also something that can be fun and interactive for fans of all ages,” said Jenny Haag, Senior Manager of Stadium Partnership for the Minnesota Vikings.

Along with competitive games, the Voyage includes a full-size ship hull that features a 30-foot projection screen displaying historic and modern-day Vikings footage. Fans can also learn about the history of the Vikings uniform and pads through a transparent organic light-emitting diode (OLED) uniform interactive – the first of its kind in an NFL stadium – that will showcase changes in equipment and materials over the course of the franchise’s history. Vikings legends were also brought to life within the space. The enormity of Cris Carter’s incredible receiving record is captured by hanging 1,000 chrome footballs from the ceiling in a visually stunning display. Fans can also sit right beside the Purple People Eaters, providing a great photo opportunity for fans of all ages. And ‘Lore of the North’ features nostalgic and iconic elements from the teams’ history that are carefully displayed with photos and graphics to tell their story.

“DI is thrilled to be involved with the project, and it gave us the opportunity to showcase so many of our capabilities: design, fabrication, innovation, technology and more. But the real excitement is seeing fans using and enjoying the space,” Brent Haag, Account Director for Dimensional Innovations Sports Practice.

For more information, please contact Quincy Morris of Dimensional Innovations at 913.617.3494 or qmorris@dimin. Dimensional Innovations specializes in designing and building immersive fan experiences and has worked with numerous MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS and NHL teams.

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