Big Ten Project

Before the Big Ten project began, when you walked into the conference headquarters, you might not have known where you were. Today, it’s impossible not to get a sense of ‘wow’ and feel pride of the conference permeating throughout the space.

As part of a world-class design team, DI helped bring the Big Ten’s storied academic and athletic history to life through a collection of interactive exhibits showcasing players, coaches and moments dating back to 1896, the year the conference was founded. A major attraction is The Big 10 Theater which gives patrons a behind-the-scenes, immersive audio and video experience featuring notable accomplishments on and off the field of play.

What’s now called the Big Ten Experience has become a fan destination giving all generations an opportunity to engage in rich university traditions, while at the same time celebrating current achievements.

To see more about how DI brought the Big Ten story to life in an iconic way, visit the Big Ten project YouTube video.

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