“From the Garage: Street Rides of NASCAR Stars”

“From the Garage: Street Rides of NASCAR Stars” puts you in the driver’s seat of the hot wheels that the sport’s icons drive every day. For 38 weeks a year, these top contenders in NASCAR’s premier series battle it out in high powered race cars designed and built by top engineers to perform at maximum velocity. While these impressive machines propel drivers to victory, what do these stars choose to drive when they’re not on the track? “From the Garage” explores what some of the sport’s most well-known names have tucked behind their garage doors and what drew them to each of these one-of-a-kind vehicles. The full lineup includes:

–    Clint Bowyer: 2007 Harley Davidson Jack Daniels-Themed “Bobber” Motorcycle

–    Dale Earnhardt Jr.: 2001 CS-R Corvette Rolex 24 at Daytona Tribute

–    Joey Logano: “Rat Rod” Pickup Truck

–    Darrell Waltrip: 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 W30

–    Greg Biffle: 2005 Ford GT

–    Ray Evernham: 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Dan Gurney Special

–    David Ragan: 1960 Ford Fairlane Mayberry Police Car

–    Mike Helton: 2005 London Taxi Company TXII

“From the Garage” will be on display through the end of the year.

Heritage Speedway

The revamped Heritage Speedway showcases more than 200 new artifacts that walk you through NASCAR’s storied past decade by decade. From dirt and asphalt short tracks to superspeedways across the nation, drivers have showcased their talents over the course of seven eras of motorsports. In this exhibit, guests will find iconic moments illustrated through artifacts that capture the personality of the legends who paved the way for today’s drivers along with unexpected memorabilia and relics that pay homage to the sport’s deep-seated roots. Items range from Bobby Allison’s 1988 uniform that he wore at the Daytona 500 when he beat his son Davey to Dale Earnhardt’s money bag from his spectacular come-from-behind win in 2000 at the Winston 500 in Talladega.

Heritage Speedway is a revamp of a permanent exhibit (the first time in five years this area has received all new artifacts).


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