New Athletic Hall of Fame for Marshall University

The new Athletic Hall of Fame for Marshall University tells a story of excellence. The central element of the space is the large “M” logo hanging above the tribute to the 1970 plane crash. The wall plaques and digital touch screens on the east and west walls will honor every Marshall Hall of Fame member over time. Additionally, the large image wall above the Hall of Fame highlight important events and key figures.

Large double-sided glass display cases filled with Marshall athletic memorabilia showcase an amazing collection of historical artifacts of this great program. The new Marshall Athletic Hall of Fame is a place of pride for all Marshall fans and athletes, past and present.

Former Marshall quarterback, Chad Pennington (who the Hall of Fame is named after), said in an interview about DI, “…And to their credit, they went back, they studied our story, they studied our history, they really engulfed themselves into our community to get a real sense of what our university and our program is all about.”

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