2022-2025 ISHA Strategic Plan

The International Sports Heritage Association (ISHA) is…

a non-profit membership organization of more than 137 member institutions.  Established in 1971, ISHA assists sport museums and halls of fame to develop, operate and promote their organizations as well as provide tools to enable members to draw upon resources from the broader museum and corporate worlds for information including administration, education, outreach, development, collections management, public relations, and merchandising.  ISHA is a diverse, inclusive organization for sports heritage professionals and institutions of all sports, sizes, and financial means.


Encourage and support sports museums, halls of fame, sports heritage institutions, and individuals who invest in, promote and preserve sports heritage.



EDUCATE                            PROMOTE                          SUPPORT                            SUSTAINABILITITY



·        Provide ISHA members with the tools and information necessary to succeed in the industry. ·        Grow membership through institutions, individuals, associations and emerging professionals ·        Provide funding opportunities for projects and conference registration. ·        Build diverse scalable, and repeatable revenue sources.
·        Provide educational services through white pages, a members listserv, and Hot Topics ·        Establish and grow brand awareness. ·        Establish members benefits ·        Recruit committee and board members
·        Run an annual conference to benefit members ·        Communicate with stakeholders · ·



Awards Committee:

  • Schroeder Award — Honor an individual who has made a significant contribution of a lasting nature to the field of sports heritage.
  • “ISHY” Awards — Through an awards program, recognize outstanding projects from member institutions.
  • Continue to re-evaluate awards to recognize exhibits and programs and grow participation.

Communications Committee:

  • Create new and engaging commentary that elevates ISHA within the sports community.
  • Provide quarterly news that is distributed to the membership.
  • Provide a website that works as an effective communication which represents the organizations values.
  • Create content that can be used to increase membership.
  • Ensure proper brand usage of ISHA through created content

Conference Committee:

  • Conduct an affordable, annual conference that provides members/attendees with high-level valuable educational and networking experiences.

Emerging Professionals Committee:

  • Attract students as emerging museum sport professionals to join and contribute to the growth of ISHA.
  • Promote the growth of future sports heritage professionals.

Finance Committee:

  • Approve and maintain a balanced annual budget.

Grants Committee:

  • Provide financial assistance to support ISHA annual conference attendance.
  • Provide financial assistance for projects that supports museum activities intended to address at least one of the following priorities within the organization: increase collection capacity, public access, documentation, awareness, preservation, or interpretation.
  • Build a diversified, repeatable revenue source that supports the organization’s grant programming.

Member Relations Committee:

  • Conduct a minimum of four video “Hot Topic” sessions per year for members to learn from and interact with an expert in topics of interest.
  • Maintain contact with ISHA members at minimum four times per year to ensure we are sharing important information, listening to their feedback, and ensuring that all members have a voice in the organization.
  • Evaluate the “White Pages” and ask members to provide updated materials for ISHA University