The International Sports Heritage Association (ISHA) has launched a new education section on its website (sportsheritage.test) that features museum-related assets and forms contributed by fellow members as well as a section for members to contribute educational articles.

The new section, titled ISHA University, has a members-only password protected area that features assets and forms categorized by the following (sportsheritage.test/members-area/assets/):

  • Collection
  • Curatorial/Exhibits
  • Marketing/Programming (events)
  • Museum Education/School groups/Other groups
  • Staffing
  • Retail
  • Emergencies
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Other

Additionally, there is an ISHA University information page (sportsheritage.test/members-area/isha-university-information/), which will be the home to educational articles contributed by members but in a public section of the website.

“The ISHA board wanted to provide a tidy package of educational offerings to its members,” ISHA president Bryan Morry said. “Nobody can help answer institutional questions better than peers in the field. So we have many documents and forms categorized so members can easily access them. We also want our members to contribute articles that could be helpful to colleagues. There are currently nearly 50 forms and documents accessible and we hope to continually add to this.

“One of the best things about ISHA is that members are so willing to share information with one another. We hope this program continues to grow and serves the sports heritage industry for years to come,” Morry added.

The ISHA board encourages members to share any documents or forms that might be helpful to peers while also reviewing the available selection. To contribute and asset or an article, one can email [email protected] with the subject ISHA U CONTRIBUTION.

The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame has had a busy start to the summer.
Our newest exhibit, Evolution of Sport, opened on June 6 and takes visitors through the history and evolution of the tools of the trade for numerous sports. Using artifacts from our permanent collection, visitors can see the progression of safety equipment and sporting implements from the 19th century to today as technology and new materials changed the sports we play.
The exhibit also features a touch table which allows visitors to interact with some vintage equipment to get a better feel for how sports were played in the near and distant past. The exhibit will run until August 17.
Our Creating Active Champions program begins on July 2 for another year. The program is offered over seven weeks for students between the ages of 4-12. Over their 90-minute stay, guests will learn some of Saskatchewan’s sports history while also taking part in physical activities on our multi-sport simulator, adaptive curling rink and also playing games outside in Victoria Park adjacent to the Hall.
The program is offered twice a day until August 16. Available spaces were more than 70 per cent full in advance. Thanks to our community and sports agency sponsors, each child will receive a gift bag with equipment to help them stay active and other sports-related goodies.
After a long winter, we kicked off the warmer weather by hitting the road with our mobile exhibit trailer as part of our Never Give Up program.
The program and trailer toured schools in the province with SSHF inductee Ted Jaleta who shared his inspiring story with the students. Jaleta fled the Ethiopian Civil War after being shot, imprisoned and tortured before escaping and settling in Canada in 1982.
The Never Give Up program began in 2011 and has featured a number of Saskatchewan sports personalities over the years who have shared their stories of overcoming obstacles and hardships to achieve their success.

The International Sports Heritage Association (ISHA) is a non-profit membership organization established in 1971. The mission of ISHA is to educate, promote and support organizations and individuals engaged in the celebration of sports heritage.

ISHA is currently accepting proposals for website hosting and maintenance services for its website. ISHA moved to a word press site with the help of Command Base in 2016. Since then, we would like to update our web hosting services to seek competitive rates, accessible customer service, with reliable services and the potential to grow.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from various organizations; conduct a fair and extensive evaluation based on criteria listed herein; and select
the candidate who will best service ISHA and its needs to support our over 140 member institutions, associates and corporate members.

Click here to view the RFP

The ISHA Board of Directors has increased the funding designated to educate its membership. For 2016, as many as three (3) Conference Grants of up to $1,000 (maximum) each and one (1) of up to $3,000 (maximum) will be made available to member institutions. The larger grant (up to $3,000) is available to members outside the United States and Canada. Conference registration fees are waived as part of the packages.

The travel grants are available to regular ISHA member institutions to provide a maximum of $1,000 per person per organization in order that one or more representatives of an organization may attend the ISHA annual conference. An institution may receive a grant once every five (5) years. At least one of the grants must be awarded to a first-time attendee.

The $6,000 for the grants is from the Founders’ Fund, which is supported by initiatives such as a Silent Auction, a Reverse Raffle and monetary gifts from members.

Additionally, up to three (3) Conference Registration-Only Grants, valued at $325, will be offered to member institutions.

Applications for all Conference Grants are due by June 15, 2016. Please click here to download the application.

The 2016 Annual ISHA Conference will be held September 26-28 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is hosted by Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.



In 2016, the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates the bobblehead collecting phenomenon with a new exhibit that highlights the many and varied designs and styles of one of the most unique and popular promotional items ever created. Bobblehead promotions help sell out ballparks and arenas around the country. The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum’s bobblehead exhibit highlights the bobblehead craze through the display of a wide array of bobbleheads dating to the introduction of the collectible as a novelty item in the early 1960s.

Bobbleheads come in an almost limitless variety of styles and have featured as subjects athletes, movie and television stars and political figures. The exhibit will feature all of the Cincinnati Reds bobbleheads that have been created as ballpark giveaways dating to the first set that was issued in 2001, plus every bobblehead issued by the Reds Hall of Fame. Along with the Reds bobbleheads, the exhibit will also include a selection of bobbleheads from other Major League teams as well as those from other sports and non-sports bobbleheads. Over 500 different bobbleheads will be on display.

The Reds Hall of Fame’s bobblehead exhibit promises to be a fun and exciting exploration of a most entertaining collectible.

The Super Bowl is the annual championship matchup for the National Football League with the winning team taking home the Lombardi Trophy, one of the most prestigious awards in professional sports. As one of the most watched sporting events in the world each year, the Super Bowl has evolved into more than just a football game. Year-long anticipation of the Super Bowl culminates with two weeks of celebrations that infuse the host region with excitement in the lead-up to the most decisive game of the NFL season between the league’s two best teams. The San Francisco Bay Area served as the host region for Super Bowl 50 with Levi’s® Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, as the site of the game itself on February 7, 2016. As the NFL’s golden anniversary game, Super Bowl 50 carried with it a standard to pomp and excellence for all facets of the event.

With great fanfare came great expectations for fan fare. Game Day hospitality for VIP fans attending Super Bowl 50 required a certain level of comfort and convenience that incorporated such features as exclusive space, all-inclusive food and beverage, and pre-game entertainment. NFL On Location, the league’s source for event experience and hospitality at the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, Draft, and International Series games, provided such amenities by offering various hospitality packages for special events taking place around Levi’s Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday. The 49ers Museum presented by Sony was the premier destination for NFL On Location Hospitality. With 20,000 square feet of stadium space dedicated to 49ers education, innovation, and heritage, the Museum was a natural landing spot for the football fans that flock to the Super Bowl every year as well as those coming to cheer on the participating Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.  Planning began in July 2015 to convert the Museum into a pre- and post-game hospitality space for Super Bowl 50. The Event team from NFL On Location visited the Museum on several occasions and became ever more impressed with the space and how it operated. Since the Museum’s distinctive design projects an ambiance all its own, only a few décor enhancements were added in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl to get the space ready for the big day. Of the additions made was a black and gold color motif peppered throughout the space using cocktail tables, floral arrangements, and lighting design. Super Bowl 50 logo graphics were applied to glass surfaces to connect the space to the event taking place  on the Levi’s® Stadium field. Much to the appreciation of the Museum staff, the overall character of the Museum and the rich, visual representation of 49ers history were left intact.

Over 700 guests explored the Museum space in the hours before Super Bowl 50 kicked off, enjoying hosted bars and various food stations positioned throughout the Museum’s 11 galleries. Live television feed was projected onto large screens so fans would not miss a minute of the game’s lead-up coverage. The Morabito Theater, which normally shows the 49ers Signature Film, was utilized as a presentation space for former Denver Broncos Tight End and Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe to speak about his football career and Super Bowl experiences as an added bonus to the hospitality event’s distinctiveness. Guests took in state-of-the-art technology and exhibits while experiencing all that the Museum had to offer. Though the Museum is steeped in 49ers lore, it is nevertheless an institution of sports heritage that was enjoyed by fans of all affiliations on Super Bowl Sunday. Any football aficionado can appreciate the impact that the San Francisco 49ers franchise has had on the game of football: its origins as one of the first professional clubs on the west coast, storied player, coaches, and executives, unprecedented championship success in the 1980s, and even today with its development  of the most high-tech venue in the NFL. Levi’s® Stadium and the 49ers Museum, the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, was the perfect setting host to Super Bowl 50, the NFL’s milestone game celebrating not only a season of triumph but also fifty years of gridiron achievement.

HORIZONTAL logo - black textCanada’s Sports Hall of Fame, international award-winning facility and host of the 2016 International Sport Heritage Association Annual Conference (Sept. 26-28), is situated in the heart of the Canadian West in Calgary, Alberta. Just a one hour drive from Banff National Park and the world renowned Canadian Rocky Mountains, Calgary offers a unique blend of rustic pioneer charm with modern innovation and entertainment for the whole family. The city is a vibrant hub of year-round arts, culture, dining, shopping, festivals and events.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, established in 1955, moved from Toronto to Calgary and re-opened its doors in July 2011. It is a must-see state of the art facility with more than 40,000 square feet of interactive experiences and a collection of more than 95,000 artifacts.  With 52 hands-on interactive exhibits including shadow boxing, wheelchair racing, 3D hockey and multisport simulators, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is fun, educational and inspiring for people of all ages.

Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame is located at the historic Winsport’s Canada Olympic Park, site of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary. Featuring world class Olympic training facilities and numerous opportunities for public sport engagement and education, Canada Olympic Park along with Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame continue to be an integral part of Canadian sport history and heritage.